Science Resources

Science Resources

Premium Websites (databases):

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McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology
Electronic version of an authoritative science and technology encyclopedia set.

The New Book of Popular Science: Science and technology for middle and high school. Includes science projects and science in the news.

Science Reference Center
Designed to meet student’s science research needs this resource includes full text  science encyclopedias, reference books,  and periodicals.

Science Reference eBooks
Search a wide variety of reference books on science topics.

Experiment Central : Understanding Scientific Principles Through Projects
Includes 97 chapters with nearly 300 science experiments, and covers nine key science curriculum fields; astronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, ecology, food science, geology, meteorology and physics. Arranged alphabetically and arranged by scientific concept or theory, including Acid rain, Biomes, Cells, Chemical Energy, Earthquakes, Electricity, Greenhouse effect, Heat, Rocks and Minerals, Sound, Vegetative propagation, Weather and more.

Recommended Free Websites:
Nature and wildlife information including field guides.

Endangered Species Program
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service endangered species list and more.

Nine Planets
Collection of information about our solar system intended for a general audience.

Plants Database
A site all about plants maintained by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Publishes concise, accurate, timely articles that appeal to both general readers and scientists. Free access to articles published in the last 12 months.

Interactive periodic table of the elements.

Why Files: Science Behind the News
Explores the science, math and technology behind the news of the day and presents these topics in a clear & accessible manner.

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Science Fair Resources from the 10/2011 issue of the Children's email newsletter. - Do you have a science fair project due but you haven't found the right one yet? Having trouble getting started? Don't understand exactly what to do? Check out these great websites for help!

Student Resource Center: Links to online encyclopedias and other sites you can use for school research.

Virtual Reference Library: Search reference e-books on science topics.