Story Tree

Large carved wooden tree
Detail of the storytree of Rapunzel's castle carved into the side, complete with Rapunzel letting down her hair
Detail of the Lion carved into the side of Story Tree by Erin Aylor
Detail of the carvings at the top of the tree featuring a hot air balloon, a winged fairy and faces
A caboose is carved into the back of the tree along with a poem.
Children’s Story Room
Erin Aylor

The storytelling space features intricate carvings representing dozens of fairy tales. Aylor described his motivation for this artwork: “Trees often play a special role in the stories of our childhood, from the magical forests of fairy-lore to the homes and hiding places for many of our favorite characters. With these elements in mind, I have created this story tree. It is my hope that as some images might emerge very clearly, the rough and naïve carving and sculptural techniques I have used will inspire the viewer to create additional images in their own mind’s eye, as a child watching clouds swirl into mountains, dragons, and castles in the sky.”