Geography and Maps

Geography and Maps

Premium Websites (databases):

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America the Beautiful
Lots of U.S. state facts, historical highlights, profiles of famous state natives, and an almanac of facts about the United States.

Geo-Data: The World Geographical Encyclopedia (Reference e-Book)
Entries describe the physical geography of every nation and dependency on Earth. Physical features, climate, and vegetation are discussed in detail, illustrated by physical relief maps.

Lands and People (also part of Grolier Online)
Encyclopedia covering country facts and cultures for students in elementary and middle school.

Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations (Reference e-Book)
Provides political and policy background information about countries.

Recommended Free Websites:

Bing Maps
Map tool that lets users create accounts and save maps, get directions from different addresses or general directions, find businesses in different categories near an address, look at maps in Bird-Eye view, and more.

CIA World Factbook
Provides maps and statistics on key economic, political, and population features of countries.

Google Maps
Service that allows users to search for businesses near an address, get directions (by car , foot, or public transportation) between multiple locations, view street, topographical, and satellite images of a selected area, create an account to save locations on personal maps, and more.