Build a Better Résumé

Build a Better Résumé

Welcome to the Frederick County Public Library (FCPL) / Frederick County Workforce Services (FCWS) online Résumé Workshop.

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide you with an opportunity to prepare your résumé in the comfort of your own home. You can peruse the contents and use just the information you need, or follow the instructions and complete all the worksheets to prepare a thorough, résumé that has tremendous impact for your job search.

Part I - This online workshop will cover:

Section A: Getting Started
Section B: Self-Assessment of Skills
Section C: Volunteering experience & transferable skills
Section D: Résumé content
Section E: References
Section F: Writing your Résumé
Section G: Printed Résumés
Section H: Electronic Résumé Formats
Section I: Wrapping-Up
Section J: Networking Tool: Mini Résumé
Section K: Books and Websites for Job Seekers

Part II – appointment with a FCWS résumé doctor

If you would like to pursue this, you must complete all the worksheets and required exercises in the course:

  • Hit and Run skills assessment (Section B: Self-Assessment)
  • Transferable skills exercise (Section C: Volunteering experience & Transferable skills)
  • Résumé worksheet (Section D: Résumé content)
  • References worksheet (Section E: References)
  • Create your résumé (Section F: Writing your Résumé)
  • Your eRésumés (Section H: Electronic Résumé Formats), including:
    • Your print-formatting word processing résumé
    • Your PDF résumé
    • Your plain text résumé
    • An email that you sent to yourself with your attached and embedded résumés 

After completing these, call the FCWS at 301-600-2255 to make an appointment for an orientation (bring all completed sheets with you) and an appointment for a résumé clinic with a résumé doctor.

FCWS résumé doctors are Maryland certified trainers who have been through state training and an exam to qualify them to help you go through your mostly-finished résumé. They help clarify and tighten your language, format and electronic technologies.

FCWS has a 90% placement rate for clients who complete the guided directions that they offer.

Frederick County Workforce Services
5340 Spectrum Drive, Suite A
Frederick, Maryland, 21703
(301) 600-2255