Summer Reading Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Frederick County Public Libraries Summer of Wonder 2015 - Every Hero Has a Story

General Questions

The summer of Wonder is the new version of the Summer Reading Program. The goal of Summer of Wonder is to inspire Frederick County citizens to read and learn all summer long through exciting and engaging programming and events at the library and throughout the community. To help bring our community together through shared learning experiences, Summer of Wonder will focus on a yearly theme. The theme for 2015 is “Every Hero Has a Story.” FCPL will inspire citizens to discover and share those stories.

The Summer of Wonder – Every Hero Has a Story, will begin May 1 and end on August 31.

Wandoo is the name of the website where you can register to participate in Summer of Wonder virtually. There you will be able to log your reading minutes, complete missions and build a superhero

A. No, like all Frederick County Public Libraries programs, the Summer of Wonder Program is free!

You do not need a library card to sign up for the Summer of Wonder Program or to participate in library programs. However, you will need a library card to check out books, DVDs, magazines, CDs, so we encourage you to visit your local branch library and get a card.

Yes! Adults are encouraged to register to participate online. There will be adult programs at all library branches and challenges for adults to complete. There will also be prizes for those who finish the adult program.

Signing Up

A. There are 2 ways to sign up for Summer Reading.

  1. You may visit your local branch library to sign up.
  2. You may sign up online by visiting the Summer of Wonder Program Website:
    • Click the banner the corresponds with your age group
    • On the Wandoo website, click “Join Here”
    • Fill in your birthday, then click submit
    • Fill in the required information
    • At the bottom of the page click, Create Account
    • If you are over the age of 13, you are now registered and ready to participate!
    • If you are under the age of 13, a consent email has been sent to the email address provided. Access must be granted through a link in the email before you can participate.                 

For those who choose to use the paper gameboards the difference is in the tasks that the gameboard asks participants to complete corresponding to age. There are different gameboards for participants from 0-5, 6-10 and 11-12.

For those who participate online the difference is in how many reading minutes it takes to achieve different levels. The challenges may also differ based on age group. The age ranges are 0-5, 6-9, 10-12, 13-18, and 18+

These levels determine how quickly you earn credits for building your superhero. The harder the level, the longer it takes. So keep reading!

  • Easy – Appropriate for readers up through 2nd grade reading level
  • Medium – Appropriate for readers with 3rd and 4th grade reading levels
  • Hard  - Appropriate for readers with 5th and 6th grade reading levels

The library requests as little information as possible from you, and your name will never be visible to others viewing the site. The database that contains all of the information about your account is secured by encrypted password access. However, we encourage you not to share your username or password with anyone.

Yes, Wandoo is certified COPPA compliant by the third party certification agency PRIVO.

The email that you use to sign up for the Wandoo website for Summer of Wonder participation is used to verify your account. In order to activate your child’s online account, you must provide a valid email address and confirm your willingness to let them participate online in compliance with COPPA laws. You will receive emails only to verify your account or your child’s account and to update you if any information has been changed on your or your child’s account. You will also receive 2 emails from library staff to remind you that the program is ending and as a wrap-up to the Summer of Wonder.

This is the verification email for either your Wandoo account or your child’s Wandoo account. Click on the link in the email in order to start the fun on the website.

Only those participating online will need a username and password. You will choose a username and password when you register for the Summer of Wonder program via the Wandoo website or in the library.

A. Click OK and then try choosing a different username. Adding a number at the end of your preferred username might help, or selecting a combination of two usernames you like.


1. You can reset your password by clicking on the link in the email you received when first signing up for your account.
2. Go to the Wandoo website and click “I forgot my password”. This will prompt you to input the email address that you used to sign up for a Wandoo Account. Click confirm. You will then receive an email with instructions for resetting your password.
3. See a library staff member.


The Wandoo website is the best way to participate in the Summer of Wonder, as it provides fun activities and methods for logging reading all summer long.

But for those aged 12 and younger there is a gameboard option as in previous years. 

Visit your local branch library to sign up.  

1. Log into the Wandoo Website with your username and password.
2. On the “Home” page of the Dashboard under the heading “Log My Reading” start typing in the title or author of the book you read.
3. Choose your book from the options that appear or finish typing.
4. Enter in the amount of time you spent reading.
5. Click Submit Log

The super hero building exercise on the Wandoo Website is just for fun. You can log reading time, complete challenges and finish the program to receive your free book without actually building the super hero.

The more books that you read and log in Wandoo the more credits you will receive to earn different pieces to change your superhero. Choose “Change Hero” on the “Home” page of the Dashboard when you’re logged into the Wandoo website and you will see your options for upgrading your superhero.

On the Wandoo website challenges are activities to complete the Summer of Wonder program. Completing 16 challenges means that you have finished the program and can receive a free book from the library.

Some challenges require you to enter a special code. These codes are unique to a specific place or event and will help you complete that challenge. Each challenge includes directions to help you locate the codes.

Paper gameboards are only available for participants aged 12 and younger who are not using the Wandoo website.

Once the paper gameboard is finished, those are all of the activities that can be done on paper. Your child may upgrade to the online version of the Summer of Wonder. Please see a staff member for assistance.

A Passport to Reading is on the back of all gameboards and can be obtained at any of the library branches. If you have registered online, be sure to collect your passport at your local branch. Patrons must visit and receive a sticker at each of FCPL’s 8 branches to complete the passport activity. Once a patron has visited all 8 branches, they must turn their passport in to any FCPL library by August 31st, 2015 to enter a drawing for a backpack, a baseball signed by Frederick Keys baseball players, and a Four pack of tickets to the Maryland Science Center.

Baseball Signed by the Frederick KeysFrederick County Public Libraries BackpackFour Pack of Tickets to the Maryland Science Center

Yes. With the Wandoo website there is a parent portal, called Wandoo Grownups, where you can view the activities of any child who used your email for their participation verification.
You will need to create a password. From here you can monitor what your child has read or you can log in for them. Just click on your child’s name/username and then click Wandoo Reader.
You may also see information for the Wandoo Planet website. This is a sister site to Wandoo Reader that operate independently of the Frederick County Public Libraries summer program. It is a website still in the testing phase with the purpose of helping children find books that match their interests.

You can win awards on the Wandoo website by completing challenges or by reading a certain number of books. If you are over 13, when you complete challenges you can share them via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

When you have completed any 16 challenges, be sure to complete the “Complete this if you finished 16 challenges!” (for all players) or the “Complete this if you finished 8 challenges!” (for players 0-9 years old). This will reveal the certificate you can print and bring to any FCPL branch to receive your prize of a paperback book for completing 16 challenges (all ages) or a duck for children ages 0-9 who complete 8 challenges.


Check the prizes out here!

If you are participating with a gameboard: When you have completed eight of the activities on the gameboard, come in to the closest library branch with your gameboard to receive your halfway prize.

If you are participating online: When you have completed eight challenges, complete the “Complete this if you finished 8 challenges!” challenge to reveal a special award certificate. Print this certificate and bring it to your library branch to receive your halfway prize.

Visit your local branch library to pick up your prizes.              

Library staff will contact the winners of the grand prizes directly via the contact information provided at registration.

August 31st is the last day to pick up the free book for completing the program.

If you receive the grand prize you will be notified of the pickup date.



If you are participating with a gameboard: You have completed the Summer of Wonder program when you have finished all 16 activities on the gameboard.

If you are participating online: You have completed the Summer of Wonder program when you have finished 16 challenges or read, for teens and adults, a total of 16 hours or, for children aged 0-9, 16 30-minute periods which equals 8 hours. Once you have completed the 16 challenges or 16 bits of reading, complete the “Complete this if you finished 16 challenges!” challenge to reveal a special award certificate. Print this certificate and bring it to your library branch to receive your paperback book. But the fun’s not over! Online players can keep completing challenges for a chance to win the Superhero Stash Prize (one entry into the drawing for each challenge you complete after you reach 16).

See a library staff member to look up your account.

The 2015 Summer of Wonder Program is underwritten by:

Frederick News-PostWestview PromenadeFriends of Frederick County Public LibrariesFrederick County Public Libraries

And the support of our wonderful community Sidekicks.