Bovine Composition

The painting titled “Bovine Composition” is an original acrylic on canvas created by Ann Wenner Osteen.  Mrs. Osteen grew up in Brunswick and attended St. Mary's College.  Ann’s various projects represent her travels and discoveries across the globe.  She currently resides in Savannah, GA.


“Waterfall,” an original acrylic on canvas by Calvin Edward Ramsburg.  “Ed” Ramsburg’s painting was inspired by nature.   Although not from Brunswick, Ed has ties to the Brunswick area through family as well his former art mentor, Mia Vo-Dinh.  He is currently a resident of Frederick, MD. 

Warped Wheel

Sculptor Raymond Barger (1906-2001) donated this piece in honor of Brunswick’s centennial. The sculpture’s relevance to this train town is apparent. The bronze wheel sits atop railroad ties and track representing the rapid development of transportation,” without concurrent advance in human ability to wisely control its destination.” Wheel, a poem by Raymond Barger, advances this theme. The poem is part of the circular plaque in front of the sculpture.

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