Meeting Room Procedures

Meeting Room Policies

The primary function of the meeting rooms is to provide space for Library sponsored and co-sponsored programs. Requests for meeting room use are assigned in the following order of priority:

  1. Up to 12 months in advance: The Frederick County Public Libraries and The FCPL Board of Trustees.
  2. Up to 6 months in advance: The C. Burr Artz Trust Board of Trustees, The Friends of the Frederick County Public Libraries, and government officials or departments (acting in an official capacity).
  3. Up to 3 months in advance: Non-profit, for-profit, and community-interest organizations and businesses. For-profit businesses and organizations are charged a fee for use of the meeting rooms.

There will be no collection of admission fees, membership fees or dues by any organization, nor sales of products or services.

Any publicity:

  • must carry the name and contact information of the sponsoring entity. The library’s name and address may not be used as the official address or headquarters of the sponsoring entity.
  • must carry the following statement: The Library does not promote or endorse the views of the program sponsors or presenters.
  • must adhere to FCPL’s Display Policy if it is to be posted in the library.
    It should be submitted to the branch Meeting Room Coordinator for review.

The Library may revoke permission for any entity to use any of its meeting rooms due to violation of established policies and procedures, including Frederick County Public Libraries’ “Rules of Conduct and Behavior Governing the Use of Library Facilities and Grounds”.

For more information, see the Meeting Room Policy.


Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis and should be made at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting date.

Meeting rooms are available during library business hours, excluding library holidays. All event/meeting organizers and attendees must leave the building by closing time.

Rooms will not be available before or after reservation time originally listed. Make sure to reserve enough time to arrange furniture, or set up equipment you bring for the meeting.

Non-profit, for-profit, and community-interest organizations may reserve library meeting rooms up to 18 times a year.

Reservations must be made by an adult, eighteen (18) years of age or older. That individual must be an official representative of the entity and be able to sign a contract in the entity’s name.


A 48-hour notice is required if a reservation is going to be cancelled. Failure to do so may jeopardize future reservations.

If the library closes due to unforeseen non-weather emergencies, the library will notify the organization’s contact person listed on the meeting room reservation. During inclement weather the organization’s contact person should check broadcasts on local media stations to determine whether the library is open. Informing participants of the cancellation is not the responsibility of Frederick County Public Libraries.

CANCELLATION FEE - See fee schedule.


Use of meeting rooms is free for:

  • Frederick County Public Libraries
  • The FCPL Board of Trustees
  • The C. Burr Artz Trust Board of Trustees
  • The Friends of the Frederick County Public Libraries
  • Government officials or departments (local, state, and federal) (acting in an official capacity)
  • Non-profit or community-interest entities.

There is a fee for use of meeting rooms by for-profit entities (see fee schedule).

Final room reservation approval will not be granted until the Library receives fee payment.

Those paying by cash, credit card, money order, or certified bank check should reserve at least 7 days prior to the meeting date; those paying by check personal and business check must reserve fourteen or more days before the event.

The library reserves the right to allow admission fees by any entity presenting a program sponsored by or with the library. In such cases a limited number of complimentary tickets will be available on a first-come basis.


Beverages and light refreshments may be served in the following rooms:

  • Brunswick Branch Meeting Room
  • C.Burr Artz Public Library Community Room
  • C.Burr Artz Public Trust Conference Room
  • Emmitsburg Branch Community Room
  • Thurmont Regional Library Community Room
  • Thurmont Regional Library Smaller Conference Room
  • Urbana Regional Library Community Room
  • Urbana Regional Library Small Conference Room

Meeting rooms must be left clean.

The library does not provide supplies or equipment. The Library will provide plastic bags and waste cans and will dispose of bagged refuse.

Frederick County Public Libraries' "Rules of Conduct & Behavior Governing the Use of Library Facilities and Grounds" must be adhered to at all times.

Alcoholic beverages and the use of tobacco products are prohibited in the library or on library grounds, including the terrace.

Open fire is not permitted, including the use of candles in the meeting rooms.

Nothing may be hung on or attached to the walls in any of the meeting rooms.

Following the meeting, the entity is responsible for returning the room to its original condition and furniture arrangement. Furniture and equipment are not to be moved to or from these rooms.

The entity is liable for any damages caused by their entity to the library facility or library equipment, and will be billed accordingly. Future use of meeting rooms will be denied until payment is received.

Entities are encouraged to bring their own audio-visual equipment, as the library does not provide equipment for non library-sponsored events.

Library facilities may not be used to store material or equipment not belonging to the library.

Each entity shall be financially responsible for any injury to persons and damage, theft or loss of property (either personal or library owned) resulting while using library facilities. The library cannot assume responsibility for private property used on library premises. Private property can be used at the owner’s risk.

Minors (persons under 18 years of age, according to MD law) using or attending a program in a meeting room must have adult supervision at all times.

Sign-language interpreters must be obtained by the entity sponsoring the meeting or program if requested by a potential attendee.

Problems or disagreements concerning the application of the meeting room policy and procedures should be referred to the meeting room coordinator. The Branch Administrator will be the final arbitration of disagreements concerning the application of the meeting room policy.

Updated 05/2010