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Shadow and Bone

Cover of Shadow and Bone
Leigh Bardugo

The first book in the Grisha Trilogy is a fantasy and adventure novel that follows Alina as she discovers her magical powers when trying to protect her best friend, Mal. Will Alina be able to protect not only her friend, but the entire kingdom? Will she be able to trust the Darkling? You’ll have to read Shadow and Bone to find out!

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My Name is Parvana

Cover of My Name is Parvana
Deborah Ellis

The fourth book in the Breadwinner Series continues Parvana’s story as she faces interrogation by U.S. troops and also has to defend the girls’ school to the people of her own town. Written in chapters that alternate between present day and flashbacks from the previous year, this is a wonderful book for those familiar with Parvana, as well as those new to the Breadwinner Series.

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Kill Switch

Cover of Kill Switch
Chris Lynch

Daniel wants to spend one last summer with his grandfather before going to college, however, his grandfather begins to suffer from dementia. At first Daniel is disheartened about his Da’s decline, but then Da starts to tell him things about his past. Was Da really an assassin? Are people really after them to make sure Da keeps quiet about his past?

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Cover for the book "Drama"
Raina Telgemeier

A full-color graphic novel about seventh grader and drama club member, Callie. Callie is crazy about her middle school’s production of Moon Over Mississippi and is determined to design and build the best set ever for the show. While navigating the fun and failures of set design, Callie is also navigating the middle school landscape of old friends and new friends, make-ups and break-ups. A wonderful book for both avid graphic novel readers and those new to the genre.

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