Recommended Reads


Ghostopolis by Doug TenNapel Book Cover
Doug TenNapel

Welcome to Ghostopolis, an afterlife full of strange supernatural beings. Garth, a boy with a terminal illness, is transported into this other spirit world by a middle-aged ghost wrangler, Frank Gallows.  Garth soon learns he has strange powers in this world, powers that unnerve the evil tyrant that now rules Ghostopolis, Vaugner.  Will Garth defeat this tyrannical overlord? How will he ever escape the strange world of Ghostopolis? Read to find out.

Life As We Knew It

Cover for the book "Life As We Knew It"
Susan Beth Pfeffer

A meteor has collided with the moon. Supermarkets run out of food, there’s no electricity and school is closed indefinitely. Death and destruction are everywhere. Sixteen year old Miranda turns out to be the strong one in helping her family survive.


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