Rules of Use

Welcome to the Thurmont Center for Agricultural History
A Special Collection Located in the Thurmont Regional Library,
Frederick County Public Libraries

The Thurmont Center holds non-circulating materials that reveal the rich agricultural heritage of Frederick County and the surrounding area. Items in this collection are original and irreplaceable or rare. Please help us preserve this unique collection for present and future library patrons and researchers.

To access the Thurmont Center, please stop by the Reference Desk to fill out a sign-in sheet and to let staff know that you would like to use the collection. Please tell us if this is your first visit so we may provide a special welcome and be especially attentive to any questions you might have about this collection.

When you visit the Thurmont Center, please expect to observe the good steward rules that follow.

Thank you for your kind cooperation!

Good Steward Expectations

  • Please store all personal belongings and any library materials in lockers provided for your convenience.
  • Pencils only, please (we have some), and of course, no marks or sticky notes should be used on items in the collection.
  • For some of our unique and rare materials, we will hold your driver’s license while you use the material.
  • If you need to leave the room at any time, please inform a staff member at the Reference Desk.
  • Thurmont Center materials may be used only in the Thurmont Center for Agricultural History.
  • If you would like photocopies of any of our items, a Reference staff member will make these photocopies for you. If we cannot accommodate your request immediately, we will send you the photocopies and an invoice by U.S. Mail.

Special Requests

  • Some Thurmont Center materials are old and fragile. Clean, dry hands help protect them, as does touching them as little as possible. Photographs are especially susceptible to deterioration – wearing clean cotton gloves will protect them. Due to the varying conditions of items in our collection, we cannot guarantee that all items are available for photocopying.
  • Don’t change the order of items in folders, even if the order seems “wrong.” Items are arranged in a specific order according to archival standards.
  • If you would like to use additional archival files from the collection, please ask a staff member at the Reference desk to retrieve these items for you.

Notes to Scholars and Researchers

  • If you wish to publish any of our photographs or archive materials, please consult with Thurmont Regional Library reference staff for information on how to obtain permission.
  • Copyright restrictions may be in force for some materials in the collection. Thurmont Regional Library reference staff will assist you with basic guidance on how to go about determining this.
  • If your research results in a formal paper, publication, or finished product in any format, we would appreciate a copy for the Thurmont Center. Please cite the Thurmont Center for Agricultural History among your sources whenever possible.
  • FCPL reserves the right to withhold access to unprocessed materials and to close all or parts of sensitive collections for specified time periods.

Please leave items on the tables, and we will shelve them.

Thank you again for your cooperation and care for this unique collection.
Please come visit us again!