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Tips for Visiting the Library

  • Talk with your children about visiting the Library before you arrive. Discuss using soft voices; using your walking feet inside; and the number of books and/or movies you intend to check out.
  • Bring a Book Bag or Purchase one from the Friends of the Public Library The Friends of Frederick County Public Libraries offer sturdy bookbags for sale at the Check-Out desk: $8.00 for a child’s bag and $13.00 for the adult bag. Having a book bag helps to manage your load and minimize damage to materials from dropping.
  • Encourage your child to check out more than 1 or 2 books. It is good for children to have a variety of books at home to promote a love of reading.
  • Ask for a schedule of events for children. You’ll be surprised at the number of free programs we offer specifically for kids!
  • Consider having your child get his or her own library card and enjoy picking out materials to take home together.
  • Feel free to arrive early for programs and performances. Your child will have the opportunity to become comfortable with the presenter leading the group and ease into their new surroundings.
  • Please be considerate of other visitors and switch your cell phone to vibrate mode.
  • Please remember to finish all food outside of the building. Even baby snacks can attract "pest"-y guests.
  • Ask a librarian to point out where the bathrooms are.
  • We know that everyone has a bad day now and then. If you need to leave the Library or a program before you have a chance to check out your selected materials, we would be happy to hold your items until you can pick them up at a later time.
  • Don't know? Ask us! If you can't find what you're looking for, please ask. We are here to help.

How to Make Reading a Family Activity:

  • Allow your children to choose books that appeal to them.
  • Continue to read aloud to your child, even after the child is able to read independently.
  • Demonstrate how reading is an integral part of daily life by asking your child to help you read grocery labels, road signs, shopping ads, etc.
  • Demonstrate to your child that you enjoy reading.
  • Encourage members of the family to talk about the books they are reading.
  • Give books as gifts.
  • Make a special place for books in your home.
  • Set aside some quiet time each day for all members of the family to read on their own.
  • Visit your Library regularly.

The Library supports learning: services and activities for busy parents and students

Individualized Help
Your Library's professional staff can help you and your child find what you need, whether it's for school or for fun.

Tours and Group Visits to the Library
Encourage your child's teacher or scout leader to bring the children to your Library for a tour, and to return for visits on a regular basis.

Librarian Visits to the Classroom
Library staff visit many schools in Frederick County to share stories, distribute library card applications, and encourage reading.

Summer Reading Program
Your Library's annual Summer Reading Program fosters a love of reading that can continue throughout the year.

Tips for helping your child with homework

  • Be enthusiastic about homework assignments.
  • Encourage your child to ask questions.
  • Learning how to search for materials at your library is often an integral part of your child’s assignment – encourage them to find the information independently.
  • Set aside a workspace just for homework.
  • When visiting your library for a homework project, encourage your child to take along a written assignment sheet.

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