Facilities Naming Policy

I. Purpose

This policy establishes recommendations for the naming of spaces and fixtures within the areas on the grounds of the Frederick County Public Libraries facilities. This policy does not address naming Library buildings.

II. Scope

The Library Board of Trustees (Board) will consider naming facilities of the Frederick County Public Libraries pursuant to the criteria and procedures established by this Policy.

III. Criteria

In order to recognize the generosity of an individual and/or corporation, foundation and/or other donor, the Library may choose to name a collection, facility, portion of a facility, etc.  The Board has the sole right to name or rename a space and retains the authority to reject naming proposals at the recommendation of the Director of the Frederick County Public Libraries (Director).

In general, the contribution required for naming each library space or fixture should reflect at least 60% of the construction cost based on current market values (as a guideline only), to be approved of by the Board.

To inquire about naming opportunities within the Frederick County Public Libraries, please contact the Director.

Approved by the Board of Trustees of Frederick County Public Libraries on June 13, 2013