Display Policy

Display materials are placed in an area designated by each library branch. All materials for public posting will be displayed as space allows, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Permission to display materials does not constitute endorsement by Frederick County Public Libraries.

Priority will be given to library programs and services first, government publications and dated local events second, all other publications third. No material will be returned.

Material to be included for handout or posting must be submitted to each Branch Administrator for approval.

Material left for public pickup or posted without the knowledge and approval of the Branch Administrator will be discarded without notification.

FCPL will distribute free community newspapers which contain news and feature articles directly relevant to the local community.

Registered political parties may distribute election information for two weeks before national elections. On Election days, when the library is being used as a voting location, no meeting room may be booked by individuals, groups or organizations for the purpose of electioneering in accordance with Maryland Election Law16-206(a)(10).

The following items will not be displayed:

  • Petitions
  • Business cards
  • Employment announcements
  • Materials that include expected payments, donations, suggested gifts or other reimbursement

Display policy does not apply to programming offered by FCPL partners.

FCPL reserves the right to remove items from display at any time.

Revised policy approved by the Board of Trustees of Frederick County Public Libraries 10/08/14